A mad shout out to Kevin Morrow, a friend of mine going way back, for a donation towards this project. Tonight I used that donation towards the cost of wireless mics for soon to be posted interviews. Many blessings friend. 🙏


    Tight spaces, no fucks given. A rare of me working, thanks to @macdeville for being my grip and BTS photographer. :)


    Sometimes eyelashes cast terrible shadows, other times they are difficult to see. DIGITAL MAKE UP ARTIST ME TO THE RESCUE!


    Choosing how this book will feel in your hands. I want it to feel as sexy as the photos that will be inside!

  • Calculating sun angle and position for a future shoot location. I like this tool; it's like I control the sun! Well, unless a gang of clouds show up. 🤣

  • Flow Charts.
    Flow charts are an interest of mine. They give me a visual of an entire project and how it's growing. This particular flow is of the book I'm making. It's not complete, but nearly. It grows each week with new info. The software is open source named "yEd". It can be ran on Java or in a web browser. Handy for people like me!

  • This week I obtained the ISBN (internation standard book number) for the photo book I'm producing! Another step forward in creating something for your eyes and mind!

    Thank you to those supporting this endeavor through comments, talking, and being photographed. Kind words have been shared to me and I truly appreciate it. You are a large part of my support, no doubt about it!

  • Lightoom preview of my coffee table photo book I'm making for everyone's eyes, brains, and hearts. Today I'm one photo away from 700 frames! Many more to photograph!

    If you feel you are free thinker, enjoy real talk, resonate with art and poetry, and happen to enjoy nude females, well, this book is for you!