Interested in this project? Read on!

Here are ways you can contribute to this project:



1. Be photographed and write 1,000 words to accompany your image(s) (more on this further down the page)


2. Submit subject related artwork as an artist. Supply enough text to help tell the artworks story/subject.


3. If one of the above are chosen, that opens up the option for us to do a video interview together to tell your story and/or thoughts.

Requirements for being photographed:

1.  Be a woman, she or her. I am looking to represent various ethnicities and bodies. Don't let either hold you back!

2.  Implied / Nudity (18+)

* Sample #1

Sample #1

* Sample #2 (anonymous)

Sample #2 - Anonymous   

3.  1,000 words to accompany your page(s) about your experience being a she/her. (personal stories, journal-like expression, infulencer talk, lessons learned in life, etc...)

Sound good so far? Excellent!


To express interest, share your e-mail, a social media (if you use one) and what you would like to contribute through the contact form below! 🙏

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